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  • Is abortion available in Missouri?
    Abortion is banned in Missouri except in cases of medical emergency. People can still get abortions in nearby states, including Kansas and Illinois, which both have clinics just over the Missouri border. Illinois: Hope Clinic for Women Planned Parenthood-Fairview Heights Kansas: Planned Parenthood-Overland Park Center for Women's Health (has very strict requirements for patients under 18) Text us at 855-458-0886 for help finding an accessible clinic.
  • Is abortion legal for people under 18 in Missouri?
    No. Abortion is banned for people of all ages in Missouri, except in cases of medical emergency.
  • Do people under 18 have to involve their parents in their abortion?
    It depends on the state. In Missouri, abortion is banned regardless of age, except in cases of medical emergency. In Kansas, people under 18 must either involve their parents in their abortion decision or go through a court process called judicial bypass. In Illinois, people under 18 are not required to tell or get permission from their parents in order to have an abortion. If you want more information on how to access abortion care if you're under 18, text us at 855-458-0886.
  • Is abortion available for people under 18 in states near Misssouri?
    Yes. Abortion is available and legal for people under 18 in some states near Missouri. Some states have more clinics than others to choose from, and some states have more or less challenging requirements for people under the age of 18. The process of getting an abortion may be easier in some states than others. *Illinois does not require young people to tell or get permission from their parents to have an abortion* For more information on out of state options, text the us at 855-458-0886, visit, and check out If/When/How's Judicial Bypass Wiki.
  • What if I can't pay for the abortion?
    Whether or not you are involving a parent, be sure to ask about financial assistance when you call the clinic to schedule your appointments. There are also abortion funds that help fund care. If you need help finding financial assistance, text us at 855-458-0886. If you are seeking a judicial bypass, you also should let your attorney know that you will need financial assistance with the procedure. The attorney's services are free, so you will not need to get finanicial assistance to have lawyer help you get a judicial bypass.
  • How can I protect my online privacy when seeking abortion care?
    Digital Defense Fund has created a super helpful guide for protecting your privacy when you're considering abortion care! Check it out here.
  • Is it an option to have an abortion without visiting a clinic?
    In some states, abortion care is available by telemedicine, which means a person can have a virtual visit with a healthcare provider, and then receive abortion pills by mail. Telemedicine abortion is not available in Missouri. Telemedicine options in other states can be found at Some people have at-home abortions, also known as self-managed abortion. Having a self-managed abortion can be legally risky for the person having an abortion and anyone who helps them. We encourage everyone seeking abortion care to visit a healthcare provider. Right By You does not provide information on self-managed abortion. If you are interested in understanding more about self-managed abortion, the Repro Legal Helpline has more information on the legal risks of self-managed abortion.
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