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Meet the Team

Founder & Project Director

Stephanie is an advocate for young people's access to the full range of reproductive healthcare that they may need, including abortion care, prenatal care and birth care that respects their dignity and decision-making ability.  She is a judicial bypass attorney, and serves on the board of the Birth Rights Bar Association. 

Allison is a digital strategist and reproductive justice advocate based in St. Louis, MO. Her goal is to increase awareness and drive traffic to the text line, so that ALL Missourians can have knowledge of and access the full range of reproductive health care options available to them. Allison is also a board member at Pro-Choice Missouri and facilitates clinic escort training for St. Louis metro area clinics. 

Dr. Kathryn LaRoche, PhD

Cari Sietstra, JD

Technical & Development Advisor

Ms. Sietstra is an expert in advancing new reproductive health and justice projects, and a Principal of Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants. She lends her technical and fundraising expertise to the text line.

Prof. Michelle Oberman, JD

Legal Research Advisor

Prof. Oberman is an internationally-recognized legal scholar on the legal and ethical issues surrounding adolescent pregnancy and parenthood. She advises the project on developing legal resources for young people.

Advisory Committee

Pamela Merritt, Executive Director of Medical Students for Choice

Graci D'Amore, Program & Operations Coordinator, Jane's Due Process

Stephanie Kraft Sheley, JD, MHA

Allison Klinghammer

Digital Media Consultant

Affiliated Scholar

Dr. LaRoche is an experienced health services researcher. She works with the text line to develop protocols for testing, feedback and evaluation.

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