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Who makes decisions for my child if I decide to parent?

People under 18 in Missouri have the right to make all decisions for their children, including decisions about medical treatment, where and with whom the children will live, and decisions about the child's upbringing. That said, Missouri laws relating to minors' school attendance, ability to work and earn money, and to enter into contracts may make it difficult for young people to make some decisions independently. If you are concerned about your situation, text us at at 855-458-0886 for more information on young people's legal rights in parenting.

What support is available for young parents?

It depends on the types of support that you need. Examples of support that some young parents need are: financial support, breastfeeding/chestfeeding help, child care, parenting education and legal assistance. There may be programs specifically for young parents in your community. For help finding the parenting support you need, text us at 855-458-0886.

Will I be able to stay in school?

You have the right to stay in school. If you are being discriminated against because you are parenting, or denied excused absences for medically necessary reasons such as recovery from childbirth, you can file a Title IX complaint. Text us at 855-458-0886 for more information on that process.

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