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About Right By You

Right By You exists to help young people in Missouri get true and timely information about pregnancy that respects them as the best decision makers for their own lives. In Missouri, abortion can be difficult to access, and information and support specific to young people is hard to find. At the same time, young people choosing to continue pregnancies and give birth deserve access to information about their rights, and the range of provider and birth settings they have to chose from. 

We believe that deciding to parent as a young person is a valid choice, and that young people can make great parents. We are here to provide information on young parents' legal rights and the support available for them. Likewise, if a young person wishes to place their child for adoption, we believe they should have access to information about the process, and connections to adoption agencies that will not pressure or coerce them into continuing their pregnancy or placing their child for adoption. 

We believe in providing all of this information in a non-judgmental and validating way, affirming young people's ability to make the right decision for themselves.

Our commitment to young people is to:

Do Right By You, by providing the information you seek in a non-judgmental, non-biased way

Be Right By You, by staying in contact as much or as little as you want until you have the information you need

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