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Where to Get Birth Control in Missouri

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Birth control is magical! It’s no wonder 99% of U.S. individuals who identify as women and have been sexually active have used at least one method. Whatever your situation, there’s a method for you—and all of them can be found in Missouri!

Let us introduce you to: The Right Time!

The Right Time exists to make sure everyone in Missouri can access the birth control method they want and deserve. Not only that, but all methods are low-to-no cost! From the pill or the patch to the IUD or the implant, all 33 Right Time clinics have what you need to feel in control of your body.

Not sure which method is right for you? Power to Decide has an amazing resource that can help you find the right type for your situation. Please note: your birth control choice doesn’t have to be permanent! It’s totally normal to change it out if it’s not working for you or the side effects are too overwhelming.

Know Your Rights: Birth Control Edition

So you’ve done your research. You know the birth control method that suits your lifestyle best AND where to find it in Missouri. But what can you do if you can’t tell your parents you want to take control of your reproductive health with contraception?

Good news: In Missouri, Title X clinics like all the Right Time clinics will provide confidential family planning services like birth control to teens who cannot involve a parent or legal guardian. In fact, since their services are free or low-cost, insurance doesn’t have to get involved.

How to get birth control in Missouri at a Title X clinic:

  • Call your local Right Time or other Title X clinic and tell the person on the phone that you 1) want a confidential birth control appointment, 2) can’t pay, and 3) can’t tell your parents.

  • Have the following information ready:

    • Your name

    • Date of birth

    • Driver’s license, school ID, or other form of identification

    • A safe number to call you at

    • An address where you’re comfortable receiving mail

  • Clinic staff may ask for proof of income or insurance information but you can simply say you do not have those. Your income can be $0–they will not turn you down for inability to pay.

  • Once you have your appointment scheduled, you can drive yourself to your appointment or have a trusted friend/adult with you.

  • Keep in mind: depending on what method you choose, you may have to return to the clinic monthly or multiple times a year. So make sure to keep that in mind when picking your method and the clinic you go to!

If you’re not sure where to start or need support at any step of this process, we’re here to help! Text Right By You at 855-458-0886 and we can help you find compassionate, safe and judgment-free care for any of your reproductive health needs, including birth control.


Right By You is a pro-choice text line that exists to connect you to ALL options. Our volunteers are trained to give you judgment-free and confidential information on abortion, birth control, adoption, prenatal and birth care and parenting. We can help connect you to resources and learn your rights.

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