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Is abortion available in Missouri?

Yes. Surgical or aspiration abortion is available in Missouri until 22 weeks of pregnancy. After 22 weeks, a doctor can only perform an abortion if the pregnant person’s life or health are in danger. Surgical or aspiration abortion is available at one clinic, located in St. Louis, called Reproductive Health Services of PPSLR. Medication abortion may not be available at that clinic. In order to get an abortion at the St. Louis clinic, the law requires a person to go to two appointments. At the first appointment, they will receive information about abortion. After that appointment, they are required to wait at least 72 hours before their next appointment, where the abortion will be performed. If a person is under 18, they must either bring a parent or guardian to both of those appointments, or bring paperwork showing they have a judicial bypass. More information for minors getting an abortion at the Missouri abortion clinic is available here. Some people find it easier to get an abortion in a nearby state like Kansas or Illinois.

Is abortion legal for people under 18 in Missouri?

Yes, it is legal for people under 18 to have an abortion. However, the law requires unemancipated young people to either have permission from their parents or get a judicial bypass from a court.

Is abortion available for people under 18 in states near Misssouri?

Yes. Abortion is available and legal for people under 18 in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. Some states have more clinics than others to choose from. Some states have clinics closer to the Missouri border, and the process for getting an abortion may be easier in some states than others. For more information on out of state options, text the Right By You Text Line at 855-458-0886.

How do I schedule an abortion appointment in Missouri?

First, decide whether you are going to involve a parent or guardian, or try to get a judicial bypass. If you decide to involve a parent or guardian: Know that you will be required to attend two appointments and must bring the same parent or guardian with you to both the counseling and abortion appointments. Your parent or guardian will have to show proof of identity, relationship to you, or guardianship. There are additional requirements for young people with certain custody arrangements. Visit this page for more information on the proof of identity you and your parent or guardian must bring to your appointments and the special requirements when there are two custodial parents. Once you know who you will be bringing with you, work with them to figure out some dates that you will both be available to attend a in-person appointments at: 4251 Forest Park Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63108
Then, call Reproductive Health Services of PPSLR at 314-531-7526 to schedule your appointment. It may be helpful to have your parent or guardian with you when you make this call to help figure out the dates that will work best for both of you to be there. If you decide to get a judicial bypass: Know that the clinic requires you to go to court and get your bypass before your first appointment. Contact the ACLU of Missouri at 314-652-3111 and mention “judicial bypass”. Your lawyer will work to arrange a time for a judicial bypass hearing that is best for you. They can also help you communicate with the clinic about scheduling your appointments. You can also text the Right By You text line at 855-458-0886 for anonymous and confidential support through any part of this process.

What if I can't pay for the abortion?

Whether or not you are involving a parent, be sure to ask about financial assistance when you call the clinic to schedule your appointments. If you are seeking a judicial bypass, you also should let your attorney know that you will need financial assistance with the procedure. The attorney's services are free, so you will not need to get finanicial assistance to have lawyer help you get a judicial bypass.

How can I protect my online privacy when seeking abortion care?

Digital Defense Fund has created a super helpful guide for protecting your privacy when you're considering abortion care! Check it out here.

Is it an option to have an abortion without visiting a clinic?

Some people have out of clinic abortions, which are not always legally safe. We do not advise MIssouri residents on this option or help them find an out of clinic abortion. If you want information on out of clinic abortion, you can visit Plan C and the Repro Legal Defense Fund.

Do people under 18 have to involve their parents in their abortion?

In Missouri, people under 18 years old who have not been emancipated can access abortion in two main ways: 1. Get permission to have an abortion from one parent or legal guardian. If a court has given both parents joint physical or legal custody, the parent giving permission is required to tell the other parent about the young person’s decision to get an abortion. 2. Get a judicial bypass. If a young person decides not to involve a parent or guardian, they can go to court to ask a judge to give them permission to decide for themselves without involving a parent or guardian. This is called a judicial bypass. A judge can grant a judicial bypass if they find that a young person is mature and has enough knowledge about their pregnancy, their options, and abortion procedures to make a good decision for themselves. A judge can also find that it is in the young person’s best interest to be allowed to choose abortion, because of the young person’s family circumstances. A judge might consider it in a young person's best interest not to involve their parents when the young person fears things like: being kicked out of their home, abused, or neglected, having their relationship with their parent ruined, if a parent finds out about the pregnancy or abortion. If the judge decides that a young person is either mature enough, or it is in their best interest to get an abortion, they may give the young person an order that will allow them to get their abortion without their parent or guardian's permission. If you want to get an abortion in Missouri, but cannot or do not want to tell your parent or guardian, you can get free help from a lawyer to go to court. If you want a judicial bypass, free legal help is available from the ACLU of Missouri. Call 314-652-3111 and mention “judicial bypass”. You can also text the Right By You text line at 855-458-0886 for more information on these options.

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